Vicky- vår fina smyckestillverkare!

-I samarbete med mig själv, Valerie-

Hej vänner!

Vi är ju så otroligt stolta över vår smyckeskollektion och produktionen bakom, så tänkte att ni skulle få träffa den fantastiska kvinnan bakom, Vicky! Har gjort en liten intervju med henne för att ni ska få veta mer om henne och hur hon arbetar. Vicky som bor i Athen, gör alltså alla våra smycken för hand, vi är så glada att ha kommit i kontakt med henne.  Har inte översatt intervjun till svenska, men om ni vill att jag gör det så säg bara till så ordnar jag det.

Vicky och hennes egna designs och kreationer.

Could you please tell us more about how you create your beautiful pieces and the technique behind?

I always needed to use my hands in order to express my feelings and make people happy!
I studied and played the piano and after many years I became a music teacher. But that was not what I wanted. I was trying to find a different kind of art so I can express myself. I love communicating with people and make their dream come true by creating from the beginning a dream piece for them or their loved ones. The idea that they will carry that piece with them for a lifetime, is the most rewarding aspect for me. And I found it in creating and designing jewelry.
I admire nature and it inspires me so much with all the different textures, shapes and colors that I incorporate in my designs.
All my own items are designed and created by me. For Valerie I create the pieces from their design ofcourse.

I use the ancient technique of lost wax casting. It is the best way to imprint special textures on my pieces. This is an ancient method (3000 BC) and the procedure goes like this: I make the model in wax the model is covered with gypsum, then heated in an oven. The wax melts and is lost, leaving a hollow plaster mold. Molten sterling silver or gold is then poured into the mold and then we have a perfect copy of the original design in wax.

Vårt senaste tillskott, ett lite mindre mynt med små stenar i och en kortare lite mer chunky kedja. Går självklart att matcha och mixa med alla våra andra smycken. 

Each Valerie item has been handmade by you- that is truly amazing, feels so special to wear something that has so much love behind. 

It is true that all my jewelry are made with my two hands and lots of love for you!

How did you learn? Did someone in your family teach you or did you get some jewellery education? 

I was taught the art of jewelry making with the ancient method of lost wax by a famous silversmith in Athens.

Våra smycken i silver hittar du här.

We are so happy that you work with recycled materials. Could you please tell us more about the recycled sterling silver?

The molten sterling silver is composed of several remaining pieces of sterling that came from old jewelry that was never sold or failed experiments.

How does a normal work day look like for you? Do you work from your home or do you have a studio?

My home studio is located on Penteli mountain overlooking the city of Athens and the Aegean Sea. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do the melting process and the rest of the days I prepare the models in wax and design new pieces.
My favorite parts are when I discover and learn new techniques and when I communicate with my customers and discuss about their custom orders.

Do you have a family and how do you live? 

We are a family of five, George my husband, our sweet girl Zoe and two lovely dogs Hercules and Bella. We live a peaceful but also an adventures life trying to make the best out of each day.

Nya Valerie örhängen… coming soon! 

How would you spend a perfect day off in Athens? Any favourite areas or restaurants? 

A perfect day would start with a morning swim at the beach of Schinia, lunch in a tavern close by eating “mezethes – in Greek” appetizers – in English 🙂  Small plates with local delicacies drinking “raki” and talking with good friends.
In the afternoon after our siesta I would visit downtown and walk down the alleys of the historical center under the Acropolis where some of the best bars are located.

Älskar verkligen våra snäckor vi hade i sommarkollektionen.

Which is your favourite item in the Valerie collection? 

The truth is that I can not tell which one I like more. These are all my children and I love them all.

Are you a Gold or a Silver woman? 

Actually I am both. I like wearing and combine both colors.

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  1. Innehåller adlinks? Samarbete? Framgår inte, ska ju göra det trots att det är ditt eget bolag

    1. Valerie Aflalo

      Tack för tips, är svårt ibland när det är så mycket jag. Men helt rätt man ska reklammärka 🙂 Har lagt till nu!

      1. Ingrid

        Bra gjort, snyggt!

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